This is a webisode in which Sassy Squach, Harleen Quinn, and Cathrine Kyle make their frist apperances.


In the begining, Sassy Squach walks into a martial arts academy. She sees a crowd formed around Harleen Quinn and a backgrounder. Harleen does a backflip in the air and lands on the opposite side of the backgrounder she was on before. Doing this, she catches him off gaurd and makes a swipe at him with her hand. The backgrounder falls, defeated. The crowd and Sassy clap at the amazing performance. The crowd walks away when the martial arts instructor walks in and congradulates Harleen. She then tells all the monsters to practice by themselves for another match. Sassy trys to do the same backflip Harleen did. She masters it while in the air, but falls and doesn't land on her feet. Below Harleen is practising as well and Sassy lands on her. Sassy gets off Harleen, who is mad at her. She insults Sassy, calling her a clutz, and walks out of the academy. Sassy, while a little hurt from Harleen's comment, is outraged as well and states that Harleen over reacted. On her way home, Sassy runs into Harleen and they fall down. Harleen gets up first, pointing out that she was correct in calling Sassy a clutz. Sassy is about to say something, but stops. She states that she is sorry for falling on Harleen and walks away, leaving Harleen with a suprised look on her face. Sassy walks into Monster High the next morning. She sees Harleen talking to Venus Mcflytrap. Harleen walks over to Sassy and asks her if she'd like to join her at lunch. Sassy accepts and the webisode ends.

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