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Speranza Squid is the daughter of the giant squid. She was teased at her original school for squid tentacle hair, so her parents moved and Speranza is a new student at Monster High, in a "free" evironment. She is 15 years old and her best friends are Draculaura and Ghita Ghidorah.


Age: 15 years old. My father still likes to call me his "little squidling".

Monster Parent: The giant squid.

Killer Style: Anything that has light, beautiful colors. I also like pastel.

Freaky Flaw: I have squid tentacles for hair. I was teased a lot about it back at The Squidling Academy, but my father moved to the monster community for a "clean, free and new" environment.

Pet: Although Paramesh looks like an angel, my puckerfish is hands off. He isn't afraid to hurt you.

Favorite Activity: I'm constantly exercising and eating low calorie things. My pantry is full of delicious items.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Having people teasing me about my hair.

Favorite School Subject: Swimming. It reminds me of my original roots.

Least Favorite School Subject: Biteology. If you can make it, break it is what I say.

Favorite Color: Pink.

Favorite Food: Fish. It's very healthy for you. And also spinach.

BFF's: Draculaura and Ghita Ghidorah.

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