Sorcerina Magic is the daughter of the Sorcerer and she has wild hair, brown eyes and deep red lips.


Sorcerina is very mysterious to people who don't know her. 



For her Basic look, Sorcerina wears a silver-starred navy blue dress. She also wears plum knee-length boots and black velvet gloves.

Gloom Beach

Sorcerina wears a purple metallic bikini top and blue shorts complete with gold, heart-shaped sunglasses and matching dangly gold earrings. She also wears pink and green leg warmers and black plimsolls.

Dawn of the Dance

This ghoul rules in her grey velvet crop top and black jacket! She also wears black-striped shorts with tights underneath which has a star-buckled belt. Her hair is tied into a side ponytail and she has a small, jewelled tiara. In this outfit, Sorcerina's heels are silver with gold stars on them.

Dead Tired

Sorcerina wears trousers and a gold tank top with a feather sleep mask.

Day at the Maul

For this look, Sorcerina wears a black lace dress with a bow on the front. She also has a blue, studded belt around it and she carries a matching lace handbag. Her hair is purple with blue highlights.

School's Out

Sorcerina wears a star-trimmed gold-silk playsuit, black wedges and a blue hairband. She also carries a matching blue purse.

School Spirits

Sorcerina's fearleading uniform has a flaired bottom and the top is similar to Cleo's. Her hair is in plaits.



Sorcerina has always lived with her father and her older sister, Sorceretta. Her mother remarried a human at the same time she was born, which caused her mother to turn into a human herself.


Sorcerina is currently dating Heath Burns.


Sorcerina is best friends with Draculaura and Spectra Vondergeist, but hates Frankie Stein.


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