Sonja is sweet like her sister but is more of a drama queen and a girly-girl. She loves shoping at the maul and

hanging out with friends. She is on the swim team only because her mother forced her to do it. She really only likes swimming in her free time. She nice (most of the time) and loves to bring Beebee into school.

Physical Apperance

Sonja has pale blue skin with microscopic scales. She has blue eyes and fin tings on the head, arms, and legs. She wears a sea green tank-top with fish-net strapes and a bluejean skirt. She has curly blond hair that is usually wraped into a bun. Sonja wears fish-net tights and sea green sneakers.


  • Mother- Wendy River
  • Father- Georges River
  • Twin sister- Marcia River
  • Older borther- Cod River

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