January 1st

I can't believe I just moved from Salm, Oregon! Monster High is going to be a blast because I've been packing my school bag and I am collecting stickers to put on my locker. I just can't wait to meet a lot of friends and teachers!

January 2nd

School is right around the cornor and I need to go shopping for some fashionable clothing. Gotta go diary! Cya tomorrow at school!

January 3rd

Hey diary! I've had the best school day ever! Monster High is so clawesome! Right now I'm at lunch with my ghoul friend, Abbey. She is my BFF! Best Uhhh- mazing school day ever! Gotta go to Dead Education in a minute. See you later diary!

January 4th

Well, today is the second day of school it's been the WORST day ever! Torlie is making fun of me now! Gotta get a new shirt to change into. Gotta go.

January 5th

Now I have a crush!!!! EEEK! I like Jackson.. Don't tell anyone diary! I mean it! I'm going to go hang out with him. Cya!

January 6th

Well, this is the last day I'm writing in this diary. Well, hope you had a wonderful week diary. I know I did and didn't.
Snowella Icicle

Hai ghoul friends! I'm Snowella Icicle!

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