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Snowella Icicle is me!


Snowella Icicle



Monster Parent:

My Uncle,Frosty The Snowman

Killer style:

My white shirt with a blue jacket with my blue pants and my black belt with a red rose and my shoes are blue.

Freaky Flaw:

When I accidently freeze my friends.


My mammoth named Snowflake, she is super warm!

Favorite Activity:

I like play "Freeze Tag".... Literally.

Favorite School Subject:

Home Ick- you get to eat after you bake!

Least Favorite School Subject:

Drama- You show off in Drama by being pretty and acting how awesome you are.

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:

Cookies- especially with white frosting.


My personality is very unique because I am a kind loving and caring person that helps friends when needed. I am very confident sometimes and I have a great posture to bend all around in twists sometimes. When you get to my relationships and clothing please scroll down. I did a lot of stuff. Lol.


Family - I only have my Uncle, Frosty the Snowman. I have a brother and a sister too. My brother's name is Zeko and my sister's name is Suzy.I'm the only one with a long name.

Friends - I have met Abbey and Spectra so far and they are my bestest friends ever, but my bestest friend is..... Luna Clipse!

Pets - As you may know, I have a pet mammoth named Snowflake. She is my one and only pet.

Romance - I don't have a boyfriend but I like Jackson.


Basic - My Scarf, my white shirt with a blue jacket, my pants are blue and my belt is black with a red rose on it and shoes are blue.

Dawn of the Dance - My cute little mammoth earrings with my hair in a ponytail. My dress would be white with blue polka dots and my shoes would be blue high heels with sparkles.

Gloom Beach - I would want to wear my two piece swim suit that's white and has blue stripes on it and my flip flops would be blue.

School Spirit - I will wear my Fearleading uniform as usual and my hair would be down and pretty.

Dead Tired - I will wear a white tank top with a snowflake on it, with blue shorts that go up to the knees and wear my warm and cozy white slippers that have a snowman face on it.

Classroom - I actually have the same thing Clawdeen wears for her classroom because she bought it for me for some reason.

School's Out - I would wear my hair up in pigtails and I will wear a tank top thats rainbow and a skirt that's white with my high heels that are rainbow with white heels.