Slendra Mann is the daughter of the Slenderman, and attends Spectral Central High.


Slendra is actually a very organized and focused girl, despite her outward apperance. She's always more than willing to take leadership roles, and will organize committies and such even when it isn't asked of her. She's very quiet, and very used to being over looked, but she still does her work all the same even without it being aknowledged as hers. It takes a lot to make her uncomfortable, so Carmello's obsession with her is only mildly irriting at the worst, but generally she reguards her (and most of her peers) with mild indifferance.

Physical Appearance

Slendra is a slenderspawn, and as such she appears to have a long, thin body, with a blank white face. Her "hair" is actually composed of black tentacle-like appendages taht ce be reshaped and formed into different styles at will. She's often seen in monotoed gray colors,a nd semi-formal/proffessional looking clothing which, presumeably, are actually parts of her own body as well and only appear to be clothes.

Classical Monster

The Slenderman is an artifical internet-created mythical being. He is described as a tall, thin entity bearing a striking resemblance to a human male. He is occasionally shown in art or photographs with long, tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back. Slenderman is completely pale, and possesses no face features whatsoever, and wears a a black formal suit. It remains a mystery how he goes mostly unnoticed in public areas despite these distinguishing marks.



Not much is known about Slendra's familial structure; many even fear to wonder how the Slenderman can even procreate. Slendra does have some "sisters" but how they are related to each other is unknown.


Slendra doesn't really have may friends due to many either purposely avoiding her, or not seeing/forgetting her; this though does not bother her. Carmello has become obbsessed with her though, and has been enacting a "friendship" with her, in an attempt to seduce her; she typically reguards his attempts with mild disinterest, at at worst with minor annoyance.


Slendra has shown no interest in romantic persuits of any kind.



Slendra wears pinstriped pants, and a light gray button down shirt. She has black bands on her forarms,a nd a two-toned gray blazer vest. She has black high heeled boots, as well as black "gloves" and a black tie.


  • Slendra attends Spectral Central High, a rival monster union high school
  • Despite being inactive, Slendra's design/concept is one of KPenDragon's favorites
  • Slendra is an inactive OC