• Parent: The Skeleton
  • Age: Alive for 17 years, dead for 170
  • Killer Style: My hoodie, baggy pants, and beanie give the illusion that I have muscles, and skin.
  • Freaky Flaw: I get scared easily and when I do I just fall to pieces.
  • Pet: Prickles is my fox. He's half a skeleton so we only half relate.
  • Favorite Activity: I like working out so maybe one day my muscles will come back to me.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: I hate it when people stick their hands or anything else through my skeletal body.
  • Fav School Subject: Dragonology. It's scary fun for me.
  • Least Fav School Subject: Physical Deaducation. The gym teacher never takes me seriously for some reason.


  • Favorite Color: Blue and Green
  • Favorite Food: Anything with calcium to strenghten all my bones.
  • BFFs: Slow Moe
  • GF: Sassa just rattles my bones.


Skelton is nervouse around people and his bones rattle often. He's more calm when he's around his friends.


Skelton enters his senior year having been in a long-term relationship with Sassa Quatcha. The two face trouble when Sassa fails to get into MU while Skelton does. Each have different feelings about what that means for their relationship. He is captured by The Masked Lantern and later set free by Gina Djinn. He attends a party in Gina's honor having reconciled with Sassa and agreeing to make things work. He graduates and attends MU.

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