Skellenzie Bonez is a living skeleton. She currently attends Monster High, but that is all dependant upon her truency report. She's got a back sassy attitude, and loves to be a pick pocket whenever the mood strikes, which is typically always.


Skellenzie is a bit of a wayward street urchin. She prides herself on her pick pocketing skills, and always has a snarky or sarcastic remark about any passerby at the ready. She's an aquired flavour, and not many find her company fun all the time. She's easily bored, and always looking for a distraction, typically resorting to her "sticky fingers".

Physical Appearance

Skellenzie is a skeleton; she is litterally nothing but bones. She's bald, but enjoys wearing various wigs, which she always tops with a black cap. She wears clothes that cover her imediate body, but has no shame in showing off her skeletal arms and legs.

Classical Monster

Skellenzie lists her parents as Dancing Skeletons, but how much truth is in that is debateable. Skeletones can become reanimated through several different means for a multitude of reasons. They are a type of undead that is common, but very weak and useless since they are nothing but walking and talking bones.



Nothing is known about Skellenzie's home life.


Skellenzie hangs out primarily with Robby Goodfellow and Chad Weedsley. She's also known to hang around Grave Robberson when he comes around Monster High.


Skellenzie has no defined enimies, but she can easily make many people mad, so not many look fondly upon her.


She currently does not have a pet.


Skellenzie has no obvious romantic interest but is not above teasing her guy friends.



Skellenzie wears a plain black T-shirt with jean capris; both of which show off her boney limbs. She wears open toed shoes, an "island" beaded necklace, and a mesh arm wramer of her left arm. She also wears a black cap on her head,a dn her hair is typically wither black with white stripes, or dark blue with light stripes.


  • It's unknown if Skellenzie attends the Day or Night Class shift of Monster High; the fact tha she hangs out with Robby Goodfellow, Chad Weedsley (both Day) and Grave Robberson (comes around at night) doesn't help to draw a conclusion
  • Skellenzie is a CaM Skeleton doll
  • Skellenzie was almost named "Skelly B" but since that seems common, that is instead her tag/MC name
  • Skellenzie's name is pun on the name Mackenzie
  • Skellenzie's character is based loosely on Mackenzie from Lost Girl