Despite her indimidating appearance, Skadi is a sweet, outgoing girl with a repitoire full of snarky jokes and a heart big enough for every billy goat in the world. The daughter of two bridge trolls, Skadi comes from a big (literally) and loving family, and approaches everyone and everything with a warm, curious attitude.

Physical Description

Skadi is a mountain of a girl, standing at nearly seven and a half feet tall, with tangled green hair, bright veridian skin, glowing red eyes, two sharp horns protruding from her forehead, and a nasty pair of fangs. This is downplayed somewhat by her bubbly personality and near-constant grin.

Skadi is actually quite short for her speceis, and has a bit of a complex about it. Any jokes about her "short" stature will send her straight to pieces.

As far as style goes, Skadi enjoys flashy clothes that are easy to move around in. Her normal attire consists of a moss-green one sleeved top, bedazzled denim shorts, and large, clunky combat boots. At the beach she usually wears a bright orange two-piece, often with dark blue swim trunks. For formal occaisions she prefers her violet off-the-shoulder tunic, a flowy black skirt, and sturdy leather boots. She often braids the bones of small animals into her hair, and always keeps a man's fingerbone--a gift from her father-- on her person for good luck.


  • Skadi is fluent in Norwegian, and speaks a little German
  • She has six older sisters and seven brothers (three older, four younger)
  • Her family makes a living off of toll collecting and goat herding.

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