what sissyes diary looks like


I just got my new dj set, omg! I practiced all night on it for this party,in egypt near the nile,i am transfering to monster high on Friday,why Friday because I have to go to my Dads concert,whith my sister operetta.


My first day of school im kinda excited,cause im in the same classes as my sister.Ok,im really annoyed by this boy,his name is holt hyde,he thinks its really funny to flirt with me.....NOT COOL!


Im in the hall right,and this guy comes up to me and says some wierd stuff i just can't understand,here are some of the frases i wrote down,but accidentally lost it.Oh today i had a clawsom time in mad science,and of course heath burns got in to trouble AGAIN!!he opende this box


I am getting ready for the party,this is my first time doing my ill just see what will happen for the year,and yeah im trying to egnore holt but hes so charming.

p.s im having fun


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