==Physical Description==Sissy has orange hair with a face covered with freckles. They are from her cheecks to nose. She has tan skin. For her father is made out of fabric her skin is fabric like and can get wet.


  • Sissy's father referes to the evil scarecrow in the book by R.L.Stine, "The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight".
  • Her Freaky Flaw is having body parts that are slim and fall out loose.
  • Her favorite school subject is obviously art!
  • Her least favorite school subject is swimming.
  • Her favorite colour is orange.
  • She lives on a farm, therefor lives in a farm house.
  • Her clothes resemble a farmer, this is because a scarecrow is used on a farm.
  • She is kind and forgetfall.
  • She has an older sister named Sally Scares.



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