Shenzi is Hailey Quinn's pet hyena pup.

Physical Description

Shenzi is a little light brown hyena pup. She sometimes wears a red collar. She has three spots near her behind.


Unlike her relatives, Shenzi is a very friendly and gentle hyena. Although she will attack on her owner's command. But this rarely happens.


  • Shenzi is related to Bud and Lou, the Joker's pet hyenas. She has four older siblings named Toby, Lita, King and Queen. The mother is unknown but Hailey says that the mother is from a zoo.
  • Shenzi is named after the female hyena from The Lion King.
  • Shenzi's friends are Waddles (Penny's penguin), Watzit (Frankie's puppy), Eris (Cathrine's cat ), Max Jr (Greta Grinch's puppy), Hasana (Jasmin's kookaburra), Osiris (Hillary's cat), Max (Erica's dog), Danielle (Sari's turtle), Shadow (Harleen's cat), and Chewlian (Venus' Venus flytrap).
  • Shenzi is the youngest of the litter.
  • Shenzi is always picked on by her siblings. She also doesn't get along with Halloween (Jane's cat).
  • Shenzi has a crush on Ace Jr, similar to her owner's crush on his owner.
  • Shenzi one time tried to attack Nightmare, thinking she was a zebra.
  • If she was real and appeared in the webisodes with Jane Boolittle her voice actress would be either Cree Summer or Maia Mitchell who also voiced Jasiri in Disney's The Lion Guard.

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