name=Sharlene Chancery,Daughter of the Sky Dragon (I'm the last of our kind!)

 |age=1700 almost to my adulthood!!!
 |killer_style= I LUV High heels. It makes me tall enough to see the skies!!!!
 |freaky_flaw= My hands keep shakin' for no reason!!
 |pet= Dragona my 2-year old baby dragon
 |favorite_activity= Flying, makes me feel like a real dragon soaring everywhere.
 |pet_peeve= I just luv pranking people !!
 |fav_school_subj= anything about dragons!
 |least_fav_school_subj= Math I just don't understand Pi! or is it Pie? 
 |fav_color= Sky Blue. The color that makes me feel sky-ish..
 |fav_food= Air!!! That's what we eat!
 |bffs= Lagoona Blue and Victorilei Stripe
Sharlene Chancery