name= Shaila Angelle Fayde

|image= Daughter of The Murdered
|age= 19, going on 20
|killer_style= Do I LOOK like I care about fashion?
|freaky_flaw= I tend to fade out, like wallpaper.
|pet= Unfortunately, I'm a student at Monster College, and my roommate is allergic to fur.
|favorite_activity= Studying, I want to get a good degree in childscare.
|pet_peeve= Loud parties. Seriously! 
|fav_school_subj= Marriage and Scare-enting.
|least_fav_school_subj= Home Ick- I can cook, but I can't eat. Weird, huh?
|fav_color= A gorgeous dark mossy green always makes even the most casual outfit look dignified.
|fav_food= Again, I can cook, NOT EAT.
|bffs= Melanie Gorgon and Clawra Wolf
|diary= Shaila Angelle Fayde's Diary

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