V's diary. A thick book that consist of belts wrapping around its outer edges. With a sideplate of milk and cookies!

July 19

Thought I can give this oh-so diary-thing a chance. Honestly, yea I like writing stories and drawing the drafts of an figure, but sure, why not give journaling a chance? This morning was, like, one of those rare occassion things.

I woke up early as usual, but couldn't go back to sleep. Of course, my sense were telling me that my boyfriend Dust was outside waiting for me. He's hiding in those frickin' bushes among the shadows.... Soon enough, I was right. Dust's pet parrot(a Cockatoo) flew up to my window and perched there, he began to make that frickin' "SCWACK!" sound. My eagle, Samurai, was woke up and was alarmed. She flew and perched up upon the window too, screeching back to the other bird behind the glass. Her wings were up like how a cat's fur would stand behind its back, her mouth full of loud echoing. I was surprised enough that my Mom didn't hear this frickin' screeching-contest. I guess that's why Dust named his cocacktoo 'Screech'..... I slowly got my back up and opened the window, as I did so, the two birds flew in a swift. Chasing and screaming each other up in the open dawn air. Irony is, dawn was beautiful. I looked down, and there in my backyard a figure sat on my backyard-balcony chairs, his legs was on the stone table, his hands were resting behind his head as he was looking up at the brawling-birds, Dust was laughing. I shouted out, "Dude! Dust!" Dust's laugh died down as he looked at me, "Morning, V," he winked. Disgused, I continued talking, "What the was that about?" I moved my body to a comfortable postion, "Your frickin' bird nearly woke the whole neighborhood up... what are you doing here?" I asked. Dust was smiling, his face was in a postion of wanting to play a game. Just then, he began to pull some things out of his mouth that I was afraid will show up soon.

I'm resting on a tree that overlooks a nearby city, writing this down it was nice to kill some time. In fact.... it really was nice. Frickin' Dust.... woke me up so early with a present of a Screech-a-ton.

July 20

I'm in bedtime now. Lying on my soft bed that has the sweet scent of home, alright. So far the highlight of my day... The thing yesterday? Yea, the one that Dust told me? And why didn't I told the story afterwards? Ah...

...after I finished tying my belts on my diary, I ordered Samuarai to take it home along with delivering herself from there.... I didn't want my little birdy get hurt along the way. </3

Yea.... I already knew danger was on the way. A much as I admit, I acually was glad that Dust told me that frickin' imformation. As soon as Samurai vanished into the open air, I looked back at the apparent building I kept scanning at (an old abandoned factory). Oh no.... (now here it comes..) my old pops appears from an broken glass-window, shifting through with the rest of the windows that lined up. I saw nothing but his dark figure and white gleaming eyes. He didn't saw me, but I saw him. The tree was covered and shrouded with its deep-green leaves. I was already used to standing still, obviously enough to see through the leaves that left small openings.

Throughout that day, that's all I saw... in fact, I think it was enough for that day there. I swifted back to my house, I only left home for a few hours. However, by looking up at the sky, Samurai and that frickin' Screech were chasing each other again. Meaning, Dust was still at my house.... I met back with him at very same backyard spot. He was still in that lazy position, as if he hadn't budged at all. We talked what I saw, as I sat down with him.

You know, that day of Tuesday... I was happy to have him in my life. <3 Thanks, Dust.

July 21

It was morning, not to mention it was just breakfast awhile ago, lol.

While eating breakfast, Mom and I(along with Samurai!) talked about what I did a couple of days ago(the whole I-found-out-that-my-Dad-ecsaped-prison-again-in-an-old-abandoned-factory). Obviously enough, my Mom tried to comfort me and warned me about the how deep I shouldn't go into this mess. Sweet Mom knew enough that I would, along with me still being angry at Dad. So I didn't, only/just for her. (Samurai nuzzled behind me, another cute language of hers that she agrees with my Mom.... and cares for my safety. <3 I guess I'm doing this for cute birdy too!). Mom held my hand while she finished talking. Until then, I also began to believe that it's time to let go of old pops..... and allow him to do his old cycle over and over again.

Pretty deep in thought, now(still on the kitchen table writing this down, lol)... Mostly whenever Dad breaks out of prison, either me or Dust immediately locates him and afterwards I try to talk him down(sometimes out of it). But this time, nah.... Mom always knows best, and she'll always love me. While on the other side, Dust seems to be my inner secret-side that keeps nudging me to do something about Dad. Damn it Dust..... just damn it this morning.

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