Shade is the son of the Shadow and a Normie. He is extremly quiet and hates loud things.


Shade prefers to keep quiet and stay out of everyone's 'bee's wax'. He rarely talks, and sometimes coughs up dust. His iCoffin sits on a shelf, gathering dust... Being shy, he doesn't talk to people he doesn't know. He has the ability to 'posess' people's shadows, causing the shadows to do whatever they like. He also can turn into a large 'puff' of smoke.

Origin of Species

Shade is the son of the Shadow. Shadows have been in some movies, such as Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Shade's father is the Shadow from the book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. I highly doubt that anyone of you have read it. In the book (or movie), the Shadow, which is read out of a book using the main character's magical ability, is used to kill the antagonist, Capricorn.

Physical Descripton

Shade has grey skin, black 'emo flip' hair, red eyes similar to the Shadow Poacher's and no mouth. He is normally seen wearing a hoodie and black high tops.


Will add later. I'm too lazy, plus I want ice cream. Peace!

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