.Seth Cye is the son of the cyclopes. Seth is only 18 and his birthday is October 31st 1993. Seth loves sports, mainly soccer. He loves camping and outdoors. he would like to be home then be at school. he like a home body really.


He's nice, sweet, and always willing to help out a friend. As you may know Ravin Morgan has a mando crush on him. (yet he didnt know intill she told him that faithful day when she confessed her attraction to him, that ended greatly said ravin)


'Family: Since seth is the little brother to all his other 14 siblings he doesnt get along with them,to Castity he's the best big brother ever, now that he has 3 more baby siblings he ganna have to be an even better on to themHe is also the second youngest out of all 15 of his other siblings his sister Casity is the youngest but not for long as there mother has twin baby on the way(which turns out to be triplets... 2 boys and 1 girl.......they have 18 in all now i think that enough)

Friends: Seth seems to act like a big brother to his friends...but is seen to other monsters as a mean spirited person due to the fact that he looks pissed the majority of the time. Seth is about between 6'11 and 7'5(he the tallest out of every on in the group and is reminded day in and day out by vencent giant).

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