This is only for the Brain (aka me!), not zombies... or boys.

The 1st of September

Well, Dad and Uncle Tooth- I mean Thoth are making me write in a Diary. Whoop deedo. I mean, really, just because they think I'm stressed on being "the wise one" (other than Uncle), they want me to "express my emotions" in a diary. Well, Seth, if you're reading this you idiot of a brother, so what if I'm writing in here, at least I can write! So, I gotta go punch someone for using bad grammar.

The 15th of September

Wow. Dad, yes my dad is the Ra, the King of the Gods, the Savior of the Underworld, blah, blah, blah, is making me go to Monster High. Why do I need to go, I'm already smarter than everyone! However (I don't usually use but starting a sentence, since IT'S NOT RIGHT GRAMMAR!!!), I actually do need the experience of being a teenager, even though I'm not the right age actually, but whatever, I'm a god!

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