"Some people want to forget people. With me, you have no choice. You're gonna forget me anyway..." Sepia talks about her condition.

Sepia Kovarian is the daughter of the Silence.


Sepia is generally described as a backgrounder, a loner, and anyway, people tend to forget her as she is a Silent. She tends to be a bit unorthodox and blunt, and all of her outfits are in black, white and grey. She speaks with a low, echoing voice and her eyes are different shades of grey at different times. Her interests are not stated much, besides the fact that she likes to hang around alone and meditate. She is a ghoul of not many words, as she likes to hide rather than stand out. It is thought that only Squall can remember her without an eyedrive, as Eliza Paradox can.

Origin of Species

The Silence are a religious order in Doctor Who, but Sepia is more-or-less based on the species associated with it. Her motto is 'Silence will fall when the question is asked," and she has a large, bulbous middle finger. The fact that people forget about Sepia when they turn around is similar with the Silence.



Sepia states that she's the 'last of her kind', so it is presumed that her family are no longer with us.


Only Breanna Beetlejuice (unknown reason) and Eliza Paradox (as she is a Squall) can remember Sepia in her school. The main ghoulfriends also get to know her a little better throughout the series.


Sepia's pet is a snake called Demon. He can naturally remember Sepia, probably because he's known her so well.


Sepia is presumed to be 'not bothered' about a love interest of any kind. They all are scared of her because of her stare.


All of her so-called enemies can hardly remember her.



Sepia wears a black blazer-jacket, white shirt, black tie, grey belt, grey skirt, grey eyedrive and black-grey boots.

Rave from the Grave

It is confirmed that Sepia will have a Rave from the Grave outfit.



  • "Silence will fall., I think it will at least."
  • "I have feelings too...even if I have to whisper them to you."
  • "I'm totally forgettable." Sepia's box quote.
  • "This dress could totally make me stand out before I fade out."


  • Sepia is one of the first OCs to be made from a Doctor Who villain. Eliza Paradox, Joey Doon and adopted   OC Adrosia Foster are all based on Doctor Who monsters.
  • Oddly enough, Sepia is one of Thenaturals' more popular OCs.
  • Sepia would have been a Comic-Con exclusive, but Thenaturals decided to make her a regular Basic.
  • Despite the fact that Sepia is getting a RftG outfit, all of her outfits are black and white anyway.
  • Sepia would feature in specials in a 'Where's Waldo'-esque search for the viewer, similar to how Derpy is shown in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.