Welcome to my diary, i am loving this!

Monday March 14

I came in crying because of Nefera in the Fearleading Practice. Even that Nefera show up. Toralei Stripe came in the Fearleading Practice. I am sorry about Nefera and Toralei! I am also quitting school in April 6th. Toralei Stripe told me to practice my Fearleading skills. Why do I have to do my practice until C.A. Cupid came. C.A. Cupid just woke me up in my life! I am quitting school going home for my FIRST DAY!!!!! Sorry about Toralei.

Tuesday March 15

My stupid and annoying sister Cleo de Nile has a problem about that C.A. Cupid. I was looking at her but in the hallway first. Sorry about Cleo de Nile. Stella (Bella) Hyde came to me in the Drama practice. Amy Bieber bringing me in the acting show. I was in the stage! Chloe Mammoth has wings! Chloe
Selena de Nile the Egyptian Queen

This is me as The Princess of Egypt

is a angel doesn't mean her species is a ANGEL!!! My dad said you could be the princess. Chloe Mammoth is the angel (her species), Bella Hyde is the evil queen and Max Vampire is the prince of Vampires. C.A. Cupid looks sad and came in crying because of ME! Ally miku is also a singer in the concert! Lily Cold and Daria Darkness are the singers. Stella de Nile is the singer! Kaite Jekyl came here and said "Why you looked like the Egyptian queen!". I have to became the queen of Egypt. Kaite Jekyl turned into Mia Hyde. She has purple hair. She can't be egyptian. I was all like "You look like the same of that brother of Jackson Jekyll.". This is why I HAVE TO BE THAT QUEEN! I HAVE TO BE A QUEEN! I WANT TO BE THE QUEEN! I HAVE TO BECAME THE BEST QUEEN EVER!!!

Wednesday March 16 (St. Patrick's Day Eve!)

I was all green on my clothes! Nefra de Nile is wearing all GREEN! ALL GREEN! ALL GREEN! I wear green everytime. Kaite Jekyl just came to me.

Kaite: Well. It's all my fault.

Me (or Selena): I am Selena de Nile. Nice to meet you.

Kaite: I turned into Mia Hyde.

Me: Mia Hyde?

Kaite: Yeah. (turns into Mia Hyde)

I was all like that Mia Hyde is WAAAAAY too much cheerful. Cleo and Nefra came with that stupid names! I have to be green all the time. Mia said "I am a hyde? OH BOY!" Mia Hyde doesn't mean she IS Kaite Jekyl!