Seally Wateer

Seally Wateer's Physical Apperance

Seally Watee

Age: 16

Parents: Mermaid and Merman

Killer Style: Strapless bow shirts.

Freaky Flaw: I am not allowed to be on the swim team, because my tail gives me and unfair advantage.

Favorite Colour: Sea Blue

Favorite Food: I'm a vegetarian,and I never eat anything that ever had a face. So, I enjoy fruits and veggies!

Pet Peeve: Some mermaids are granted legs on land, but I was not, so I have to go around school in a tank full of water.

Favorite Activity: Teaching other young mermaids how to do flips in the water.

Pet: My adorable little pet butterfly fish, Fishy ( I was only a little merling when I named him).

Bff's: Nessie Loch

Favorite Subject: Oceanology.

Least favorite subject: Mermaid History. I've heard all the tails( haha get it?) about Mer-people.