Scuttle is a dog/hamster hybrid, and is the pet of Breanna Beetlejuice.

Physical Description

Scuttle is a cream/beige coloured dog/hamster hybrid. He has blue eyes, a small mop of burgundy hair (like Breanna's), has two front legs, and a hamster's body.

Bio Description

"Scuttle is my dog-hamster hybrid. I taught him how to make coffee and beg for it."


  • AGE: 2 and a half.
  • KILLER STYLE: Well, I guess it could be the fact I'm part dog and part hamster, or perhaps the awesome tuft of burgundy hair on top of my head.
  • PET: Breanna Beetlejuice. She's totally mad, and if I were honest, a bit insane. But I love her.
  • FAVOURTE ACTIVITY: Showing my enthusiasm. What else?
  • BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Having to disguise myself as a Zhu Zhu pet when I go to restaurants.
  • FAVOURITE FOOD: Butchers dog food and hay mix.
  • BFFs: Kadwizia, Evolution, Professor Scot and Flamer.



  • Scuttle would be the fourth hybrid pet if he were canon, following Watzit, Rockseena and Rhuen.
  • Scuttle is the first OC pet created by Thenaturals.

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