Scratch is the oldest brother of Purrsephone and Meowlody.


He is smarter than his sisters.Scratch is also the only son in the family.His favourite band is Eiffel 665.Scratch`s favourie song is Blue (Da Ba Dee).He is really into music and he has a band named Wicked Guyz! Girls think that he is a wanna be.

Physical Description

Scratch's skin color is white then grey (unlike him, his sisters are grey then white). Scratch wears anything with yarn. He will mostly wear a black long sleeve shirt. Over the shirt is a black and white sweater-vest. He wears black flared jeans and also white sneakers.

Classic Monster

The werecat is like a werewolf, except it is half-cat. Not much is known about the werecat. Some said it is a false monster and some say it is a true real monster legend.



Scratch lives with his sisters, Meowldy and Purrsephone, and his parents, Mr and Mrs. Kat. They live in a fancy four-story house with a indoor-pool and a hot-tub.


Scratch's friend is Toralei.


Scratch owns a degu named Dusty. A degu is almost like a gerbil, except a degu is bigger.


Scratch's girlfriend is his best friend (yep! It's Toralei!).