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Physical Description

Scepter is the new pet of Spectra. No one ever heard about Rhune when Scepter needed a guardian. He has hair like Timmy Turner, which is white, and has a grey chain through it. He is just like any other squirrel, but Spectra couldn't help but put him in a cute little scarf and propeller cap. He looks faint grey, and wears some rich jewels as a petcoming gift from Azura.


He is nicknamed Ace and Chippo.

He constructs a chipmunk pack, with another buddy, who's nick name is Dale: Chip 'n' Dale.

He is close with Azura and Nefera.

He was first introduced as Scepter De Nile because there was a mix - up with the pet papers, for it said Spectra De Nile


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