name:scarrlett swann

parents;mother is now a gost we dont know what dad is cuz he left us

age;160 in monster years

killer style;neon chains and acseeriries bright colorfull

pet a dog namend zora she is da cusest lil thing ever

freaky flaw;i dont have a father he left me and mother when i was born

fav activity;shoping what ghoul dosent

fav school subject;ummm dose fear sqwad practices count?

least fav:geogerphy

pet peeve:mean ghouls grrrrrr

fav color:neon colorz hehe

fav food:hmmm blood icecreams

bffs;evryone oh yeah and my bf invisa billy hehe i gets me

physical appence

jet black hair with neon green streaks,light skinnend olive colerd,dark purple pupils with black surrounding it is wat her eyes look like a purfect nose light pink lips

back story

her mom is now a gost but her father is unknown monster he left them when she was born

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