"Now, shut up before I kidnap you."

~ Scarlett's standard threat.

Scarlett Dummi is the daughter of Slappy the dummy and an unnamed bride.


Scarlett is very dry and sarcastic, and is very quick to judge. She mostly assumes everyone knows what she does, and if they don't, she isn't hesitant to make some remark about it. She can, however, be sweet--And while mostly it's for some sort of con, it can be convincing. She says anything on her mind, no matter how rude, and when asked if she has anything better to do with her time, she just replies, "I have time to kill."

She's a very, very heavy deadpan snarker and usually not quick to warm up to people--Including her own realitives. Scarlett is, however, quick to just utterly loathe people, so if she hates you don't take it personally. However, under this bitter guise hides a decently soft persona, a girl with a one-sided crush on a boy she'll never really get, a fear of both her own father and a man named Jimmy O'James, and an actual nice streak, if you catch her in the right moment. She's very quick to cover this up, though, since as we all know living ventriloquist dummies are destined to be evil. I mean, really, there are absolutely no good living ventriloquist dummy. Also she's probably a completely huge fangirl of one Madison Storm, considering how much she utters his name.

Physical Description

Scarlett is rather short but not overly so, with peachy-colored wooden 'skin'. Her hair is brown, her eyes teal, and she possesses freckles.

Her main outfit consists of a long-sleeved black dress with a red bow tie and high silver boots.

Her Dawn of the Dance outfit is made up of a black short-sleeved dress diagonally striped red, silver gloves, and silver boots.

Her Dead Tired attire consists of a black shirt and paints polka-dotted red and fuzzy silver slippers.



Scarlett dosen't talk about her father (Slappy from the book series Goosebumps), though admires his 'line of work'. Why she never talks to or about him is unknown, though it may be because she's afraid of him or she just hates him. His 'bride' is never mentioned by name, probably because Scarlett dosen't particularly care about who she is.

She also has a sister, Avalon. When asked her opinions on her, she merely replied, "She exists." Interestingly, she often calls her 'Avalon Wood' (most likely on purpose), implying she is the daughter of Mister Wood, the dummy from the first Night of the Living Dummy book, rather then Slappy, the dummy from the rest of them. It's most likely false and done just to annoy her sister.

She recently found out she also possesses a brother, Jack. It's pretty clear that she has a vivid feeling of animosity toward him, and not in the 'sisterly rivalry' way she has with Avalon. She rather vocally remarks she thinks he's a poser who pretends to have deep problems (because, as her logic dictates, emo equals problems) to become more popular. She also thinks his singing is sub-par at best. 

And need we forget her cousin, Sarah. While she still does not like her (does she like anyone in her family?), she finds her just slightly more bearable then anyone else. That doesn't stop her from calling her a pretencious rich jerkwad. Like with Avalon, she has a jeering nickname for her--'Wally's little suck-up', which implies Wally, Slappy's brother introduced in Slappy's Nightmare, is her father. Again, it's most likely false and done to annoy.

Then there's Jasey. Her opinion on him is roughly the same as Jack's, but slightly switched: She thinks his skills as a DJ are terrible and that he's not emo because he likes it; rather, he's doing it because it's one of the common themes for DJs. Also around this point she gets tired of both the letters "J" and "S".

Lastly we have Kayleen. A total egghead and a preppy little jerk, Scarlett remarks that they cannot possibly be related just due to the horrible differents in personality they have. It really boils down to the 'living ventriloquist dummies are never good' thing again. Also, she finds her puppy incredibly bothersome, but that's more of a pet peeve then anything else.


Her best friend is Cleo De Nile. She considers them friends because of similar goals--Cleo wants to rule Monster High, Scarlett wants to rule the normal, not-monster people (Everyone has to have goals, right?). Due to her extreme dislike of her father, she spends most of her time sleeping over at Cleo's house, much to her annoyance.

She's also 'friends' (using the term loosely) with Amy and Scarlet, moreso with Scarlet then with Amy. She considers them partners in crime...With Amy just being there for their 'image'.


She has a crush on Clawd Wolf, and considers themselves boyfriend and girlfriend (In her mind). Due to this, she also has a strong dislike for Draculaura, due to all the talk that she and Clawd are a couple. As a backup, she may have a smaller crush on Jackson Jekyll, but forever sticks to the excuse that he's just a test dummy for her little tricks.

There's a light implied romance between her and Hugo Trivial, though neither one will comment on if they plan on actually persueing this relationship.



  • Scarlett was the first of Lissamel's OC's to be created and put online (The technical first created was Lila McBoggon, the daughter of the bogeyman, who was scrapped)
  • She currently holds the record for the most outfits of any of Lissamel's OC's, at three.
  • Her theme song (that isn't related to her relationship with Clawd) is Good and Broken by Miley Cyrus. It captures her persistant attitude.
  • In place of the word 'God' or 'Gosh' (in phrases like 'Oh, my God / Gosh'), she uses the name Madison Storm, being a refrence to the computer game Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland. There are times when she will use 'Gosh', though (like in the phrase 'Gosh, I didn't know...').
  • This is the first of Lissamel's OCs to have any siblings, and she certainly did not expect her to suddenly gain this many.