I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

You won't fall,Heath said calmly

Thanks for the reassurance,I said happily

Then the bell rang.I was sad.It was a short ride

Let's go,I said,sighing

Another ride tommorow,Heath said putting his arm around me.

We landed at Monster High.We made it in class just in time.

See you,He said,letting go of my hand

"See you,I responded,walking to class

When I came in Marina was so happy

How was your date with Heath?,Marina gushed

It wasn't a date,and he just took me for a ride on his dragon,He says he does it

on everyone's first day,I said calmly,blushing

No he doesn't.It was totally a date,Marina declared happily

School ended.I walked home with Marina.

Bye Scarlet.,Marina said waving

Bye Marina,I said waving back

Today was awesome.I wonder what's in store for me tommorow.


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