I walked over to Heath.I felt bubbly.

Hey Heath,I said,waving

Hey Scarlet,he said,grinning shyly

So can I sit with you?,I asked

Sure,so is it your first day?,he asked

Yeah,but its been cool,I said happily

Well since it's your first day,maybe........,he trailed off

What?,I asked

Well I was going to take you for a ride on my dragon.You up for it?,he said grabbing my hand

Of course,let's go!!,I said,excitedly

We left,his hand in mine.

Here's my dragon,Fireleaf,he said gesturing to the dragon

The dragon swung its tail back and forth,as if gesturing us aboard

Get on,Scarlet,he said

I don't know about this Heath,I said

Do you trust me?Heath said reaching out his hand

With my heart,I said,climbing on the dragon

We flew off. I felt heavy.

(Read part 3)

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