May 1

Today was my first day at Monster high.It was awesome.(I even ran into my crush)

So I was walking down the hall.Everyone was having fun and socializing.I shifted uncomfortably.People were starting to stare.Then all of a sudden I heard the bell ring.I ran to class. Aperentley,I wasn't looking where I was running then BOOM! I ran smack into someone.

Watch where your going!!!,I shrieked fiercely.

Sorry,I didn't mean to, he said generously

He helped me up.I was awestruck.He was CUTE!!!! The boy had blazing orange eyes.He also had black and orange hair.His smile was warm and compassionate.

It's okay.Sorry for yelling at you,I said

No prob.Hi I'm Heath Lowfang.,He said cooly

"I'm Scarlet Rhode,I said cheerfully

He held my hand.My heart skyrocketed.My face turned bright pink.

"Uhhh......Well I'm off to class.,I said,walking towards my classroom.

See you at lunch ScarletHeath said

With that I walked off.

The rest of the day continued like a blur.I was still dazed by my encounter with Heath.I walked to the creepeteria,

grabbed a tray and sat down.Heath shot me a cool look. I bushed instantly.Someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Hey.I'm Marina

I'm Scarlet

Heath was staring at me.

OMG!!! Heath Totally likes you.",Marina shrieked

No he doesn't. I just ran into him in the hall this morning,I said blushing even harder.

"Well go talk to him,Marina said encouragingly

I walked over slowly

Hey Heath,whats upI asked

Nothin,come on take a seathe said

I sat down.The girl who was at the table stared in disgust

What is SHE doing here?the girl snapped

What's wrong with me sitting here?I asked,puzzled

Your a fire fox.You destroy everythingShe growled

WHAT!! No I don'tI said defensively,slamming my fists

Then all of a sudden the side of my bench burned.Everyone laughed.I started to cry.I got up and walked off.

I ran to the girls bathroom,sobbing.Marina walked in.

Hey,I saw what happened,Heather can be such a mean ghoul.Marina said

Who's Heather?,I asked sniffling softly

She's Heath's best friend,rumor is they're dating

I dried my eyes.then all of a sudden the bell rang

Lets get to class,Marina said

I stopped at the door.

Maybe she's right.I don't belong here.I said moppingly

No she isn't,that's how she wants you to feelMarina said

We walked to class.The day ended

Well I gotta go home,See ya MarinaI said waving

See yashe said

Wait,I said

She turned around.

Thanks for the talk,I said happily

No probShe said

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