Say No To Monsterism Campaign Webisode
Season Coffin Locked, Episode N/A
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The Say No To Monsterism Campaign Webisode is a promotional webisode in the Coffin Locked series.


When a deadly case of Monsterism hits the school, can Breanna Beetlejuice, with help from Headmistress Bloodgood, help to say no to Monsterism?


Angela Goulding is about to attend her club for paranormal theory, until the new head kicks her out for being an angel, leaving Angela confused. She walks out, seeing students fighting because of their monster parents. Even Plantina and Nectar are calling each-other names. Angela runs over to Breanna Beetlejuice, who simply utters out one word: Monsterism. She runs off, and Angela tries to chase after her, but gets caught up with Lina, Nessa and Clarissa, who sigh at her and mutter.

Later, the school gets a special assembly, where Headless Headmistress Bloodgood calls up Breanna to speak about Monsterism. She brings up Angela and tells everyone that although she's an angel, she's still a monster and should not be singled out for any reasons. She tells them to get up and find someone, and to compliment them because of their monster parents.

At the end, Plantina and Nectar have made up, as well as all of the others. Angela is welcomed back into the Paranormal Theory club, and is made the leader. Bloodgood is then seen given Breanna a high-five, as Breanna winks at the audience, and disappears.


  • This webisode is similar to the Kind Campaign webisode from the canon series.

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