Sam Sandman is the son of the Sandman, a mythical creature thought to bring good dreams to little children. He appears to be good friends with Cupid, due to them both being more mythical than monster. He seems to hide out, and can easily disappear with a sprinkle of sand - much like how the Sandman brought good dreams.

Student Bio

Age: 15

Killer Style: I need soft clothing, where almost know one can hear me. It may be a little childish, but footy pajamas seem to work for me.

Freaky Flaw: I can get a little tired during class, and occasionally fall asleep right in the middle of a lesson.

Favorite Color: Midnight blue

Favorite Food: Milk & Cookies - They make a sweet midnight snack.

Pet Peeve: Monsters who stay up all night. Rude!

Pet: Blanket, my teddy bear. He's NOT stuffed, O.K.!

BFF'S: Everyone loves the Sandman Jr.!

Favorite Subject: Creative Writing. These bedtimes stories reek nowadays.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym.


Sam is a nice perfectionist who feels everything must be one way or another, causing him to be a main anatagonist, but later befriends the guys, especially HooDude.


Classic Monster

Sam is not really a monster. He is more of a mythical creature - the son of the Sandman.

The Sandman is a mythical character in Northern European folklore who brings good dreams by sprinkling magical dust into children's eyes.



Sam's mother was revealed to be named Sammi, or Samantha, and no word of the name of Sam's father is mentioned. Sam has an older brother who is thought to be introduced in a later episode.


  • Basic

Sam wears short-sleeved midnight blue footy pajamas with white crescent moons and yellow stars all over. He wears a white scarf and has messy black hair with blue streaked and a blue bandana tied with the back hanging down his back.


  • His catchphrase is "Drop Dead Dreamy."

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