Sam is the vampire tritagonist. His last name is unknown, and 'Fangstorm' was given to him by Drake, to sound more vampirely. He is down-to-earth and is not to crazy about being a vampire, but will live with it. He is the best friend of Drake, and crush of, and is possibly crushing on Aquanique. He was fine with being a normie.


Upon becoming great friends with Kristen Fangtell, Gory's little sister, Kristen bit the normie so he could live with her forever, only sending Sam into a rage, and ending their friendship forever, sending Kristen into becoming the girlfriend of best friend Drake. Sam now went to sit the with the vampires, leaving his fellow Midnight fan behind, Drake, only to see Drake join with him, who is now good friends with Kristen.

Sam found out about Bram & Gory's plan and left the table running to find help when he stumbled over to foot of eavesdropping Moonly & Aquanique and was momentarily angry, but realized that they must have heard the plan as well.

He now works closely with Aquanique & Moonly, and occasionally may have to battle Drake, but Drake continues to be his best friend.


Normie: Sam has brown hair (like Jackson's) and wears a blue sweater with a light blue shirt underneath. He wears black sweatpants and dark blue bowtie, along with glasses.

Vampire: Sam now has black hair (like Valentine's) and wears a light blue longsleeved shirt with blue denim jeans on. He looses the glasses, but comes with blue sunglasses and a light blue bottle of sunscreen.


  • Like all the characters, he is based on a character from "My Babysitter's a Vampire." He would be Sarah,
  • His attitude is quite opposite his best friend Drake's.
    • Drake is excited to be a vampire, Sam would rather stay normie.
    • Sam fights against the vampires and claims he is sitll a normie and always will be.
    • He does not go with the red and black vampire style, and does not suck blood.
  • He is the main boy in the series.