Sam Biote is the daughter of a symbiote.


Sam Biote is a bit rebellious and when ever she hears something loud she goes into a frenzy.

Physical Apperance

Sam Biote has white eyes with no pupils, dark purple skin, sharp teeth, a long tongue, black and white hair, and spider legs on her back.


She and her father Venom moved from New York.



Sam Biote lives with her father Venom. They don't get along very well.


Sam Biote is friends with Ghoulia (since she is the only ghoul that'll talk to her).


She used to date Holt Hyde but they broke up after Holt dedicated a song to her. And Heath tried to ask her out once but was terrified of her appearance.


Basic: Sam Biote wears dark magenta boots, short jeans that are ripped and have a hole in them, and a dark magenta shirt that is ripped and shredded.

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