Salem Spellsinger, formerly known as Astrid Spellinger, is the 170 year old daughter of the witches created by KrazyKatKayla. She is a senior at Monster High.


Salem is a trickster. She wants you to think she is all friendly and loving, but in reality, she is cruel, cold, and will frequently stab you in the back. Loyalty means nothing to her. Family, friends, are all disposable to her. If you aren't on her side, you're an enemy, and since no one is on her side, everyone is an enemy.

She has been known to be soft and insecure, albeit rarely. She feels attracted to fellow senior Kelso Pi, son of the Kelpie, which confuses her to no end.

Physical Description

Salem has long black hair with three purple streaks, lime green skin, dark purple eyes, and full lips.



Salem keeps very distant from her family, as they promote living in peace with normies. Even her little sister, freshman Witchita Spellsinger, is distant.


As Salem says, she runs a "one broomstick operation." Her attitude can be slightly off-putting too. This suits her jsut fine. She does, however, consider Kelso Pi an "ally," and feels befuddled at her attraction.


None as of the moment



Salem wears a purple summer dress that falls to just above her knees with black four-pointed stars, purple lips, and is barefoot.


Astrid Spellsinger

Salem's basic (base by MarianasMasterpiece on DeviantArt