Saki is very kind hearted and mostly cheerful, but also shy and doesn't talk much to people she's first met. She doesn't like telling other people her feelings besides her ghoul friend Demonica. She also gets nervous when she's the center of attention, and when talking to guys.

Physical Description

Saki has long black hair that is usually down with a side ponytail pulled up with a lavender colored bow, light blue eyes, and very pale skin. She wears a pastel orange kimono looking top, yellow short puffy sleeve jacket, with a pastel pink and yellow layered bubble skirt and a pastel blue belt with gray fish net shorts, a yellow glove on her left hand with a blossom pattern with pastel blue, yellow, pink, and purple bracelets, a pastel blue puffy bracelet on her right hand with the MH skull on it, and pastel orange heels with a blossom pattern, yellow soles with a small line of blossoms, with scissor heels.



Kuchisake Onna is a Japanese myth also know as the "Slit-Mouth Woman."

Is it said that Children walking alone at night may encounter a woman wearing a surgical mask, this is not an unusual sight in Japan as people wear them to protect others from their colds or sickness. The woman will stop the child and ask, 'Am I beautiful?'. If the child answers no, they are killed with a pair of scissors which the woman carries. If they answer yes, the woman pulls away the mask, revealing her mouth is slit from ear to ear and asks 'How about now?'. If the child answers no, he/she will be cut in half. If he/she answers yes, then she will slit his/her mouth like hers.


Hollow - One of Saki's good friends who secretly has a crush on her. He's very quiet and gloomy.

Demonica Devil - Saki's best ghoul friend who is very protective of her and has a short temper.


Saki is currently single but has a secret crush on Jackson Jekyll

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