ep 13 of season 3.
Sad frost

the epsode sad frost

Elizabeth is walking down the hall and pantherina is picking on her,elizabeth trys to egnore but pantherina went to far and hurt her feelings,and eizabeth says"im not solid im all heart."panterina answers "oh well,you desevered it.".mean while jenny ness is hanging out whith gill witch it turns out their cousens from one another.jenny says "so how is it going whith you and lagoona,gill." gill answers "nothing really but....." jenny says"but what,gill." then gill turns away from jenny.while in the princeples office heather and haeth got in trouble.mrs.bloodgood said that they hd to spend the whole day together.heather answers "i cant spend a day whith this dozo" heath responds "i am not a dozo your the one who got me in trouuble".then, whith abbey and lizzy ,lizzy says"how come im the only one that loves the enviorment.and after she said that a spaceship flew down and droped someone off guess who it be continuded

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