PERSONALITY: Ryan is a funny kind of guy. I bet every minute of your life you'll hear him joke around. No wonder Sweetie Candy is in a relationship with him!


Ryan wears heavy metal outfits. He has his hair in a mow-hawk style. He keeps his fangs very clean and sharp.



Ryan lives with his mom and dad. He has a little sister who goes to Monster Jr. High. Her name is Beastie Road.


Ryan is friends with all the guys at school. He is not sure about Manny Taur, because he was Sweetie's boyfriend before Ryan. Also, Manny is a bully.


Ryan is dating his new and first girlfriend. Her name is Sweetie Candy.

  • PET:

Ryan owns a king scorpion name Kingston. He is an interesting pet!


A strange creature was lurking in rural Wisconsin between 1989 and 1991. On three seprate occasions, three teenage girls reported encounters with a manlike beast near Bray Road in Elkhorn Wis. All accounts describe an aggresive "werewolf" creauture with pointy ears, dark brown fur and large claws. In spite of the disbelief of many citizens, a local news reporter, Linda Godfrey, began investigating the sightings and stumbled upon a much larger story that gained national attention.-\LostTapes

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