Rot Pockie Splitz is a band created by Thenaturals.

The band

The band RPS is a sassy pop band made up of five girls, and they're full of personality. Their music is inspired by dance, rock, britpop and also genres like K-Pop and J-Pop. 

They are described as excitable but full of humility. They prefer to perform for the fun and experience rather than the money, which shows they are not just greedy. They are friendly to fans and respectful as well as genorous. 

Celia Sombra

Celia is the lead singer. She does most of the talking, and is skilled at intuition, as well as being stylish and pretty. She is the daughter of King Sombra.

Lana Spirits

Lana is the lead guitarist. She is also a skilled songwriter, penning most of the girls' hits. She is a ghost.

Perrie Butler

Perrie plays both keyboard and keytar as well as piano. She is the daughter of Peppermint Butler.

Tara Sontar

Tara is the bassist. She is also an aspiring DJ who remixes tracks. She is a Sontaran.

Marena Syrette

Marena is the drummer of Caribbean descent. She is a siren.


The girls have a wide range of songs written by guitarist Lana.

  • Makin' Magic
  • Start of a Great Thing
  • Best Year of Our Lives
  • Ocean Jam
  • Just A Little Rebellious
  • Fly Like a Pegasus
  • Spooky Little Lover


  • This band is inspired by girl bands such as Little Mix, The Saturdays, Girls Generation, etc.

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