Rocky Laye



Monster Parent:

Fire breathing Dragon

Killer Style:

I like my freaky fashionable blue dress with a red rose on the side and have blue high heels.... of course! I usually like to put black stockings under my dress.


Twinkie- My African lioness that roars when a stranger appears.

Favorite Activity:

To play with my cuddly roaring clawsome lioness!

Biggest Pet Peeve:

When I get really shy around people.

Favorite School Subject:

Home Ick- I like it because you get to bake and cook stuff thats yummy!

Least Favorite School Subject:

Math- It grosses me out! :P

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:

Mashed Potatoes

Too many parameters

About Me

Hi. I'm Rocky Laye. My sister is Cece and my younger brother is Leon. I hope you are up for some friendiness because I'm very friendly and so is my sister. Leon is just so annoying though. He goes in my room all the time saying " You are so fat! Stop getting on your icoffin and go play with my friends." I hate him... a lot.


Hmm. How do I put my family in words. Oh.. I got it. My family is so insane! We are dragons! (except my sister) We like to growl at stuff and we can't control our actions sometimes. We are very busy all the time. But.. back to who my family is... I have a mom named Cella. I have a dad named Rich. I have a brother named Leon. I have a sister named Cece. My family can be weird, but I love them all very much. (not Leon though) :P


I have a ton of friends now from school since I'm the " New Ghoul". My besties are Frankiestein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Ghoulia Yelps, and Cleo De Nile.


Uhh... I don't have a boyfriend... But I do have a crush.. A crush named... Deuce Gorgon. :3


Basic- I will wear a gray jacket along with a purple dress and red socks with black shoes.

Schools out- My cute pink bow with pigtails would be nice. I could wear my black shirt and a hot pink skirt with some black winged boots.

Dead Tired- My cute cuddly purple/white shirt and my black pants.

Dawn of the Dance- My cute bonnet that's white and my hair would be up in a ponytail. I would also wear my beautiful fireing dress that's orange and black. I would wear black stockings and my winged boots that are orange.

Gloom beach- I have the same outfit as Frankie's bathing suit.