Robotaa is the daughter of the Robots.This character was made by Girlofice.

"So your made of blood and I'm made out of gears?!"

Robotaa finding out that her creator is made out of blood.


Even though,Robotaa is quite smart and clever in some cases she is not that clever as she may seem.

Physical Description

Robotaa has brown skin like her sister.Her hair is a darker shade of brown with dark black highlights.

Classic Monster

The Robots.



Robotaa thinks the world of her sister Robecca.


Her closest friend is Ghoulia Yelps because she is smart.


She has a robotic puffin named Peck.


Robotaa is currently not dating.



She wears goggles. She has black strips in her hair and her hair is orangish-brownish. She wears a brown jacket with fur on the collar and end of sleeves. She wears short brown jeans. She also wears brown boots with buckles on it.

Robotaa Steam

Dead Tired

She has short hair. Bangs are curved into the back of her hair. She wears a purple shirt with buffy shoulder sleeves. She wears a use to be bikini but she crafted it into a bikini with an apron on it. She wears a blackish blueish skirt with yellow x strings. She wears black and white socks.

Dawn of the Dance
Dotd R
She wears a green and white dress with kind of ripped pattern on the bottom. She has copper earrings. Has bangs going right and the ack of her hair is in a pony tail. She wears pany holes and coppered shoes.

School's out.

She wears her goggles. (Lol.) Has long hair and mini-cutted bangs. She wears a neck shirt with sleeves over her wrist. It has a belt on it. She wears shorts with gold pockets and belts connecting to
it. She wears black panyhoes. Wears tie-boots. The tie are colored red.

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