Keep out or you will be fed to my parents!

Please if found return to:River Blue


May 22th

I just got this diary from the beach gift shop,I can't belive I swam all the way here! I am very tired so I will check into a hotel, for now I will find a home tomorow.I will write again tomorow bye

May 23th

I just found a house thats under water! I hope 2000000$ will buy it! I can't wait to add a water bed!

May 24th

I got the house! And I start school tomorrow! I better go shopping, bye diary!

May 26th

Sorry I didn't write yesterday but I was at school!I Loved seeing lagoona again! But this guy named deuce is so cute and funny,but he is dating this chick named cleo.I met another newbie named Frankie and a stylen' wolf named Clawdeen they are awesome! I think I will try out for fearleading,just to see who this cleo is

May 28th

I got into fearleading! Yay! But cleo is bossy and mean,what does deuce see in her?I asked him at lunch and he said he dosen't know.I met Clawdeen's bro, I had seen him at games but never anywhere else.He acted strange around me,weird.

October 1st

OMG,sorry I lost my diary and just found it LOL,well I am at gloom beach,not for fearleading camp though,just to relax,Holloween is comeing closer,I wonder if there is a party for it.

October 31st

Its holloween and I'm sooooooo excited!!! Since we are monsters we can't go to houses looking like our parents like the humans do so it's a little harder for us monsters. Deuce went as half of a heart.Wierd, I know.I thought he would dress in a much more manly way.The wierd thing was that I went as the other half. Everyone thought we were dating and I wished that it was true. I guess I thought that out loud because Deuce looked at me as if I was an alien about to rip his head off. I was so embarassed and ran back to my undervater home. I took off my costume and put on my casual outfit and cried(at least I think I cried since you know, I'm underwater and all).Then i heard a knock.It was Deuce!! Since he breathes air not water, I drained my house. He thought about what I said when I asked him why he liked Cleo and decided he didn't after all. He broke up with her. Then, out of nowhere, he started kissing me! Best worst day of my life EVER!!!!

November 1st

Duece told me that kiss meant nothing.Oh well :(.Atleast he told me and didn't lead me on.I guess him and cleo are truly meant to be.Though this normie Jackson in my math class is a total cutie!Maybe he likes me too!Best of hope for me diary!