Ripper is a very passionate girl who throws herself into her project 100% she gets the job done, no excuses and while she works hard, she plays hard! Dancing, roller skating or just hanging out at the Maul with her ghoul friends are all it takes to make this Reaper happy!

Like most young ghouls she is still trying to find herself and where she fits in and she has made a lot of friends along the way! Her sassy no nonsense approach is what got her permission to start a Roller Derby team.

One of her biggest goals was to bring Roller Derby to Monster High! She gathered together a Motley Crew of hopefuls’ people and founded the Monster High Roller Ghouls who are currently awaiting their first game against Smog snorts Vampire Academy.

Physical Description:

Ripper has purple hair, mocha skin and bright orange eyes, she is slightly below average height and constantly sporting a pair of gloves for the well being of others, she usually can be seen wearing trinkets and garments from the 80's with skeleton or checkered patterned print. Her hair is frequently worn in a sideways pony tail tied with a yellow scrunchie. including but not limited too, checker print, leather jackets, snake skin skirts, lace gloves, pointed boots.



Unlike most monster children Ripper's parents are not well known in the mother world, Her father is a high powered attorney and her Mother is a fashion model. Rippers claim to attending a monster school comes from her Uncle who is one of many Grim Reapers stationed in the United States. He carries the Scythe in the family and spends his free time teaching Ripper the ways of reaping so that one day she can attend Grim Reaper school and follow in his footsteps.

Her Uncle Mirg is currently stationed in New Orleans Louisiana he is roughly 700 years old and he is about to be married to a writer, Liam Poe. Ripper is currently staying with them in Liam’s mansion while her Parents are vacationing in Europe.


Grace Reaper - Is Ripper's Cousin and good friend! she is always there when Ripper needs a gentle shove in the right direction and talk about your over protective father figure near either of these Ghouls and they will just roll their eyes, you guys havn't heard anything compared to their family!

Dead End Reaper - Also Rippers cousin. he's the quiet type but you'll be thankful that he is. when he talks bad things happen.

Jade Phantasam - one of Rippers Beast Friends! Hanging out at Gloom Beach, Skating Together, Putting rude Mansers in their place or just being there when one needs a shoulder to lean on! These Ghouls are inseparable! Jade is also a skater on Rippers Roller Derby Team!

Santana "Mars" Muerte - Co-Captian of the Monster High Roller Ghouls along with Ripper, Mars shows her new sides of life and these two are the best of Bloodies!


Currently Dating Godric Zilla