Remus Claw
Monster High Student
Age 17
Monster Parent Werewolf
Killer Style My letterman's jacket. I never go anywhere without it.
Freaky Flaw Fur. It is SO annoying in the summer.
Pet Romulus is my pet hound dog.
Favorite Activity I enjoy all types of sports that include balls.
Biggest Pet Peeve My sister.
Fav School Subject Physical Deaducation. I kill 'em out there.
Least Fav Subject Math. Numbers don't matter unless they are on a jersey.
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Food Steak.
BFFs Melody Finley
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Remus is an all American jock. Don't think him to be dumb, though. He will definitely be the valedictorian at his graduation. He is also protective of his friends and family.


Remus has reddish brown skin, gold eyes, and dark brown hair.


Family Not much is known besides he has a sister, Lupa.

Friends He is the alpha so, basically everyone acts like they are his friend

Romance Remus is currently dating Melody Finley.


Basic Remus is dressed in a yellow tee, ripped jeans,yellow high tops, and his letterman jacket: black with yellow fang marks.

Beach Screech Remus is wearing black swim trunks with three gold triangles on the right leg and a gold waist band.


Remus Claw

Clawd basic


Remus and Melody: Beach Screech