Relation Difficulties
Season 1, Episode 5
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes season 1, episode 5: Acceptance letters cause trouble for monsters throughout the school but they're determined to make the best of it.


Sassa slowly opens her acceptance letter to Monster University only to discover that she didn't get in. Just then Skelton runs in cheering that he got in and Sassa hides her letter behind her back. She says she hasn't got hers yet and walks off to class with a worried look on her face.

Gil and Lagoona are still trying to work out the problems with their college plans while Deuce and Cleo still can't decide about what to do either. Gil says he can turn down the application but Lagoona says it's a great school and it be awful to waste that opportunity. Cleo says that Deuce should at least apply to MU to see if he gets in. Deuce says he doesn't even want to go to college but that doesn't mean their relationship has to end. Cleo leaves in a huff of anger.

Scarah comes up to Aspen and asks what they're doing on their dat tonight. Aspen says he has college interviews to do and forms to fill out. Scarah says he should wait until next year so they can pick out colleges together and Aspen says he wants to go now. Scarah says that it'd be better for tehir relationship if he waits till she graduates and can go to college with him and Aspen says no. Scarah leaves after her ear shattering scream.

Skelton approaches Sassa asking her if she got her letter yet and she responds with saying she didn't get in. Skelton says he's sad for her but they'll make it work. Sassa says that this means they'll drift apart with him going to MU and her not. Skelton says this doesn't have to tear them apart but Sassa says it inevitably will. Skelton looks sad and walks off.

Meanwhile Teala begins to worry that she'll be the only one of her friends not to go to the annual Guyz and Ghoulz dance. She tries to find a date but everyone just turns her down or even laughing in her face. Teala runs into the bathroom crying while Wicca follows her in there. She asks what's wrong and Teala looks up.

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