This Jornal as owned by:Reef Loch-Ness Ha ha!got ya back! -Halley

June 1st

Whiskara came over, and I kissed her.Just a peck,not really a kiss I guess. I also asked to the dance,obviously she IS my girlfriend. Anyway, mom and Whiskara's mother have been fighting, I am getting scared I won't be able to see her again.

June 2nd

Whiskara told me that her mom doesn't want her near me and that she had a idea that we could run away and hide in till this was over. But my mom would be cool with her living with us, as long as she doesn't eat H.P. my twin brother Rio's fish.

June 4th

Now that Whiskara is liveing with us,my 3 sisters have been all over her,Taking her the the maul, doing her nails, blah blah blah blah blah. If I see her at all she is talking with my sisters! The only time I get to see her is during my shift at the food cort at the maul, and I bet you can guess-MY SISTERS ARE WITH HER! Uggg I just want to spend time with my girlfriend WITHOUT my sisters

June 6th

Busted. We just got caught and now Whiskara can't leave her house. I can't leave our lake, now this is just getting ridiculas

June 8th

Whiskara's dad convinced her mom to let her see me, and my mom is letting me, if I get AT LEAST a C on a test, and if you know me thats a really good grade.Whiskara thought it was some big thing that we almost didn't go to the dance, but I am stuck in my family's lake all the time.

June 9th

Best-Dance-EVER! It was so awesome! There were people screaming and danceing on top of tables, and me and Whiskara even jumped up and down on the snack table!

June 11th

I told Whiskara i was dyslexic,and she totally freaked out on me!She was screaming/crying and ran home.Wow,was it really that big a deal?Later she asked me why i never told her,and I explained it's because I was emaressed about it and didn't want her to think I had some wierd disease or something and act like I was something trying to eat her head off,which between her screaming and running what do you think i thought?

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