ReMade Troubles
Season 1, Episode 7
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Oozing Love

Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes season 1, episode 7: Teala struggles to keep up with her new image while secrets and lies tear the lives of monsters apart.


Teala looks upset with Wicca's plan to make her popular but says Wicca knows best. Ghoulia and Helga walk up and say they like her new look. Teala says that now she's popular so she can't be seen hanging with unpopular and walks off.

Holt and Frankie are studying for a test when Billy walks up. He asks Holt if he has decided who will be his roommate next year at MU. Holt says he hasn't thought about it but he'll definitely take Billy into consideration. Frankie says it's great that he has so many people wanting to be his roommate and walks off. Holt looks nervous and Jackson's voice inside his head says that Holt didn't get accepted to MU. Holt says he hasn't told anyone including Frankie. Jackson says this can't end well.

Brian tries to talk to Operetta about what happened in the catacombs but Operetta pretends like it was getting late and nothing happened. Brian tries to say something didn't happen and Operetta screams that nothing did. She says leave it alone and storms off.

Hoodude comes up to Teala saying he's excited about their date tonight and asks what to where. Teala says to where whatever he wants. Teala sighs and walks off. She approaches Wicca and asks how to let HooDude down easy. Wicca says to become popular she should go to one dance with a loser and keep their plan to make her popular. Teala says it doesn't feel right. But Wicca says if she wants to be popular this is how it has to be. She asks if that's what she wants and Teala says yes. Wicca says good and walks off.

Frankie runs up to Holt with a box and smiles. She says she went and bought matching MU gear for when they go next year. Holt says he has something to tell her. He confesses that he didn't get into MU. Frankie asks why he lied and he responds with he just wanted to impress her. Frankie says he did the complete opposite and walks off.

At the dance Teala hesitantly dances with HooDude until she realizes he really likes her. She says she can't do this and leaves a confused HooDude.

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