Ravin Morgan is the child of Samara Morgan. She is a shy quite girl. Due to her shyness she seems to hide her face behind her bangs. (The only time her eyes are not covered is when she's at home. She still chooses to keep her face hidden from others) She is also little. Around 4'8 or 5'0 ft tall to be more exact. She will run off and cry if you mock her about her height which is what happened in part 2 of 'New little ghoul', If you want to see it go to and search XxTailsXxXAliscaxX. Ravin has 3 other sibling, Charles Morgan(charlie), Heather Morgan and the youngest Sama Morgan. Ravin has the same abilities as her mother. She's able to control technology, walk on walls and control the element water. Since she is tectonically a sprite she can phase though wall and such. Ravin has a crush on Seth Cye but is way to shy too ever tell him, also the fact that Seth doesn't realize that Ravin likes him that way.(all because Ravin blushes ALL THE TIME!!)......she is also friends with Lilly courage, Shad Dow and many other of My other oc's

XxTailsxXxAliscaxX 22:28, November 23, 2011 (UTC)XxTailsXxXAliscaxX

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