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Rave from the Grave
(RftG) is a fanon fashion/doll set created by KPenDragon. It is a dance club themed line, and were it to be produced by Mattel, would have each doll individually packaged in a slim box, and come with a black stand and brush. The name "rave from the grave" was actually coined by Twisted-Persona a few years eariler for a different project.

The Digital Art Project

A series of illustrations done by KPenDragon, to various song titles. All illustrations are done by KPenDragon. All these designs are considered "canon" to the Rave from the Grave line. This project, though on hiatus for the moment, is still an active on going project and will be added to over time.

Series One

Series Two

Music Video

A "Rave from the Grave Dance Party" animated music video was created by KPenDragon to the song "Turn me On" by Nicki Minaj and David Guetta. It features all of the "Series One" canon Monster High characters in their RftG designs, several (at that time) unseen canon Monster High characters in their RftG designs, as well as 4 of KPenDragon's own characters. It should be noted that every character featured in the video, with the exception of Heath Burns, had been seen in a physical doll format at the time the video was created.

First Wave

These are a series of photomanipulated images done by KPenDragon, to mimic Rave from the Grave being an actual doll line. However, it has never been stated that this is indeed a real, Mattel liscenced line. All artwork created by KPenDragon, and is considered "canon" to the Rave from the Grave line.

Fan Art

These are designs not created by KPenDragon, but by other artists. These are not considered to be canon to the Rave from the Grave line as of this moment.

1) Despite there being a custom RftG Quinn King doll, no "official in-boxed image", nor illustration has been made.