Raina Taylor is the rockin', freaky daughter of Rick and Jennifer Taylor (as of Splatterhouse). She has a living mask she calls Maskette. Only she can hear it but she can only respond by voice.

Raina is fifteen and is a member of the band Lina Greene and the Monster Mash (bandmates are Lina Greene and Alexis Underworld). She is BMFFs with Electra Proton and Alexis Underworld. Raina is single but would love to be dating as soon as poltergeistable. She plays the drums and loves life.

In the original Splatterhouse games, Rick and Jen have a baby named David, but Raina is an only child. But, when she was little, she had a hamster named David (supposedly he ran away but now Raina is starting to question that).

Raina was actually going to be named Rocky or Allison, but it was then decided that she would be Raina.